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Sunday, March 09, 2014

I've heard about the THIRD EYE before but now......

This morning
eye started seeing
eyes, I saw
eyes from the side, left
dissolving into
eyes from the right.

Eye saw
some from the front
head on straight
but always shape-shifting.
I would turn my attention to the image
and voila, it would disappear!
And a new eye would
appear in its place,
as if the eyes were melting
pooling into water.

I have heard about
the third eye
and its connection
mystical and esoteric concept referring to a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight.[1] The third eye refers to the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness

these eyes.
I feel deeply grateful that
every time I close my I's
Eye can conjure another

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Kellie said...

Wild Claudia! Love your meditations, so soothing to read about. xo